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Toxische Gedanken

Peak States of Consciousness: Von Traumen lösen & unsere Natur erfahren
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Klarheit in Krisenzeiten


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Peak States(R) und intrazelluläre Parasiten

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Recording as part of a workshop of “The Foodie Bar Way of Life”.

Emotional wellness
in the context of a healthy diet


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Peak States(R) und intrazelluläre Parasiten

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Podcast English

Wisdom Speakers & Seekers

Dr. Daniel Zeiss – Peakstates(R) – the psychology and biology of consciousness

Spirit Therapy Radio
Presents: Dr. Daniel Zeiss
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Caregiver Cast

How Peak States and Inner Unity Bring Peace and Joy in Your Life | Episode 27

2nd ISPS Psycho-immunology research symposium

Study: Schematherapy intervention using Peak States Therap

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Video YouTube

1st ISPS Psycho-immunology research symposium

Finding Gaia Communication States

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