Inner Peace and
Inner Unity Workshop

Find and experience Inner Peace and learn powerful techniques to keep your emotional wellbeing in balance.

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The Inner Peace state allows you to arrive emotionally in the present moment. This means that events with negative feelings that occurred in your past no longer have an impact on the present. You will feel an underlying sense of peace and calmness and your emotions are going to be in proportion to whatever is happening to you.
The vast majority of people’s daily problems are caused by past emotional traumatic material re-surfacing in the present. The Inner Peace state will disconnect you from these emotional moments from the past, which makes a huge difference in how you experience the present – no matter if you were aware of the past difficult events or not.
Can you imagine how much better you would feel if you were in this state? Just think how much more enjoyable your life would be, how much more energy you would have?

Completing this workshop will help you:

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Ingka Enyan

Dr. Daniel Zeiss


Welcome message from Ingka and Daniel

Day 1 – 10min

Trauma Space Clearing Exercise

Getting to know the theory of the Inner Peace State

Day 1 – 45min

The Peak States Model according to Dr. Grant McFetridge
Understanding & practicing the basic ISPS Techniques

Day 1 – 75min

Measure your pre-process parameters

Day 1 – 20min

First Round of Inner Peace Process

Day 1 – 55 min

Second Round of Inner Peace Process

Day 1 – 45min

Feedback session

Day 1 – 30min

Welcome back from Ingka and Daniel

Day 2 – 10min

Experiences of Inner Peace State
– Record your testimonial video and get a discount

Day 2 – 35min

Explanation of the Inner Unity Philosophy

Day 2 – 30min

Learn and Experience Inner Unity Basic Techniques

Sun Meditation and Evolution Regression Technique (ERT)

Day 2 – 75min

Break out session: Practice Evolution Regression Technique

Day 2 – 45min

Third Round of Inner Peace Process

Day 1 – 30min

Finalize the weekend experience with the Sun Meditation

Day 2 – 45min                

Feedback and outlook

Day 2 – 30min     

(We will start sharp on 3pm CET // 9am Eastern // 8am Central // 7am Mountain // 6am Pacific. The Zoom video meeting room will be open 10min prior for everybody to arrive in time.)

Price / Value

Participate in this workshop for EUR 549

Get a EUR 100 discount if you create a 3-minute testimonial video about the event. There are more discounts available once you successfully attained the Inner Peace State in this workshop.
Minimum of 10 participants required.
For the ISPS Peak State Inner Peace Process we will work on a pay for results basis. Should you not be able to attain the Inner Peace state, will partially refund the participation fee.

Are You Ready To Start?

What people are saying

Are You Ready To Start?

How it works

What causes the Inner Peace peak state to occur? It turns out that the Inner Peace state will generally be present in people continuously from birth if they experienced conception without trauma. Unfortunately, not many people have had this kind of birth experience and therefore are struggling in their lives. We have come up with a shortcut that still gives a great many people the Inner Peace state.

This process works completely without any drugs, medications, or invasive procedures. It is similar to a guided meditation. You will learn upfront some tools to use during the guided experience. Then we will assign you your break-out session room, you will be guided in meditation, listen to music, and will use the tools to resolve your emotional issues. These are mainly EFT-based tapping tools, completely painless. Yes, there might be some strange sensations coming up but with the help of the tools and our guidance, almost all participants will attain the Inner Peace State. If you should not be able to attain this state, we will refund you your money.


  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone running Zoom video meeting
  • If you are using Zoom on a tablet or smartphone you need access to a second tablet or smartphone for music streaming
  • Headset
  • Desire to experience something new and transform your life
  • Good command of the English language
  • Submission of a recent portrait photo
  • Not have a serious medical condition like heart disease, diabetes mellitus
  • Not be diagnosed with a mental, psychological, or psychiatric condition
  • Not feel suicidal or have had a suicide attempt in the last 5 years

Are You Ready To Start?


  • In this event, no medical diagnosis nor medical treatment will be performed.
  • This is a coaching event, showing you one way to feel better in life.
  • This event presents techniques that are state of the art and therefore might cause unwanted side effects.
  • There are always potential risks in using a trauma-based psychological procedure, and if you are unwilling to accept all of the consequences of using this process and techniques, then you must not use this process nor attend the event. If you use this process and techniques, you are accepting this risk – we are not legally liable for your choice to do so or any consequences that may arise.

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