“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

Oprah Winfrey

Continue your Journey...

Mentorship program to further boost your emotional intelligence. Continue your path for a calm, peaceful, and emotionally light life.

You are already on your journey to find and meet yourself. You have learned several techniques to resolve emotional issues. You found several new perspectives for yourself and life. Great! Then this exceptional mentorship program is your guide on your personal journey.

In this mentoring plan, you continue to find and understand yourself and deep dive into life. You will meet new people with the same kind of curiosity.

What can you expect from this Mentorship?

One big obstacle on your journey to yourself is your Ego, trying to hide parts of yourself from you. The Ego does this, so you feel better and can survive in this world. This can be seen as an instant coping mechanism. There is nothing to judge. This mechanism made life possible, after all. Without this mechanism, you or your ancestors would have lived a different experience and would probably not be here. 

Therefore this Mentorship program aims to show you these aspects of yourself, which are hidden from your side.

In other words: “The group and I will show you the parts of yourself which you do not want to see.”

This can be quite challenging; therefore, this mentorship program is not open to anybody. You need to acquire a particular skill set with which you can work in those situations. With these mirroring and the tools you have learned to use previously to this program, you will be able to dive deeply into yourself and into life.  

The more you know yourself, the more you know about life, the more empathic you will become. Your personal Emotional Intelligence will grow, and you will not be subject to life but will be the creator of your own life.

The objective is to live your life in calmness, peacefulness, and emotional lightness.

What does the Mentorship plan looks like?

This mentorship program will have a bi-monthly live online video meeting with all participants of this group.
The topic will be sent to you some days before the call. You will have time to prepare your thoughts and questions. In the approx. 2 hours meeting, there will be a short talk about the topic followed by a discussion and question round. If a mentee likes, the mentee can present their own topic to the group upon request.
The talk, discussion, and question will likely trigger you into old emotional trauma, injuries. Emotions will come up, and that is how it should be. Therefore any participant should be prepared to work with himself/herself to release the upcoming emotions.
In the end, you might choose to continue in smaller groups, which is highly encouraged.
Therefore please plan to have no other appointments after the video meeting.
Between the video meetings, you will be able to connect with me and your fellow mentees in our online group.
All mentees will get a direct instant messenger connection to me to contact me with me. Currently, we are using Telegram messenger.
All mentees will get a 50% discount on my one-on-one coaching sessions.

What are the requirements to participate in this Mentorship?

We all started one day, and we all made our experiences. This mentorship program is not for the beginner. Since you will be confronted with parts of your life, the life of your ancestors and life itself, which are not “easy to swallow” you need to be equipped to handle these kinds of situations. To help you thrive in this mentorship program, I put up some criteria wish you need to fulfill before you can join. 
  • Have a daily routine to find yourself (meditation, yoga…)
  • Be proficient with at least one working emotional trauma resolving method. For example, Peak States Therapy, Inner Unity, Somatic Experience, EMDR, or others.
  • Completed the Silent Mind Process (Institute for the Study of Peakstates)
  • Completed the Inner Peace Process (Institute for the Study of Peakstates)
  • Completed the Brain Light Process (Institute for the Study of Peakstates)
or or
  • Successfully finished the Concentration-Difficulties Program
Still something missing? Don’t worry. You will be able to participate in this exceptional Mentorship program once you meet all the requirements. 

Not sure how to get there? No problem. Just write me a message, and I will happily answer your questions.

Your Investment

Bi-monthly video meetings
EUR 100

Group exercises

EUR 100

Access to the growing archive of meditations, articles, and ebooks
EUR 50

7 days a week support via Instant Messenger
to stay in touch, help you and give you hints with your personal challenges
EUR 1.000

Discount 50% on one-on-one coaching sessions
(Example: regular price EUR 300, three meetings per month = 900)
EUR 450

Total value: 1,800 EUR per month
Your investment: 200 EUR per month or 2000 EUR per year  (17% discount)

Exceptional Mentoring Program

EUR 200 / month
  • Bi-monthly video workshops
  • Group exercises
  • 7 days a week support via Instant Messenger
  • Discount 50% on one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Cancel anytime

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