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List of Peak States

abbreviated list

The list of Peak States is the result of years of research from the Institute for the Study of Peak States. It does not claim to be complete. Instead, it represents the current state of knowledge.

You find an abbreviated list of Peak States I think are worth mentioning on this page. For more information, please see the link below. 

‘Silent Mind’ state
• Characteristics: All involuntary mind chatter ceases. (Involuntary mind chatter is often particularly noticeable during meditation). It is still possible to subvocalize.
• Cause: Eliminating a specific subcellular fungal infection gives this state.
• Comments: This isn’t a peak state, but rather an absence of a trauma-related problem – but it feels like a state to the person who has it. Most people can suppress their awareness of the chatter to some degree, like ignoring other conversations in a bar. Real peak states like the Beauty Way or Inner Peace temporarily shut off the involuntary mind chatter – but if one leaves those states, the mind chatter returns. In our training, this Silent Mind is a prerequisite for other states such as ‘Hearing the Brains’ and remote healing techniques such a WHH.

This Peak State can be acquired using a standardized process. Learn how.

‘Inner Peace’ state
• Characteristics: A continuous feeling of peace even while feeling other, even painful emotions. Past traumas no longer have any charge associated with them. As soon as the present circumstances change, the emotional reactivity stops.
• Cause: Can be acquired if the mind and heart brains fuse or heal the trauma that causes ‘anchors’ to form in stuck nuclear pore messenger RNA strings.
• Comments: A subset of the Beauty Way state.
Warning: Attempts to acquire complete mind-heart fusion can trigger a death and dismemberment trauma experience.

This Peak State can be acquired using a standardized process. Learn how.

‘Brain Light’ state
• Characteristics: One finds it impossible to feel negatively aggressive towards others in the complete state. A diffuse, ‘soft’ clear light that looks like sunshine is present in the body in the locations of the triune brain’s awarenesses. One also ‘sees’ an inner radiance centered in other people’s lower belly and automatically interacts and communicates with it.
• Cause: This is the light individual triune brains have when they have chosen good over evil. Creator separation trauma blocks this state.
• Comments: For most people, the brightness of the triune brain awarenesses varies from moment to moment due to subconscious choices between good and evil, but each brain’s nominal value is set at birth. With the entire state, the brains remain at full brightness, and choices for evil become impossible. This state is required for certified ISPS therapists.

This Peak State can be acquired using a standardized process. Learn how.

‘Seeing the Life Path’ ability
• Characteristics: This allows one to see one’s future as a series of branching paths in a florescent black space.
• Cause: Gained at conception.
Use: By finding obstructing trauma using the ability and healing them, one can stay in a state of euphoria and ease called Being on Track.
• Comments: The optimal path is the brightest. Once on it, the person has a sense of euphoria. However, the Self Neutralization state makes this state unnecessary because it stops the future from being fixed by trauma and eliminates all life paths.
Warning: It is possible to trigger a spiritual emergency when attempting to acquire this ability.

This Peak State can be acquired using a standardized process. Learn how.

‘Underlying Happiness’ state
• Characteristics: A feeling of happiness underlies all other feelings. It exists simultaneously even with difficult feelings such as sadness or anger. In women, a continuous loving feeling is more dominant, although happiness is still present.
• Cause: Heart and body brains fused together.
• Comments: This doesn’t stop the past from feeling emotionally traumatic.
Warning: Attempts to acquire full body-heart fusion can trigger a death and dismemberment trauma experience.

‘Hollow’ state
• Characteristics: The body feels hollow (or like air) inside the skin. All parts of the body feel ‘continuous’. Emotions have a cognitive rather than affective quality.
• Cause: All brains are fused together.
• Comments: When the state is partial, just some areas of the body feel hollow. This state does not depend on the degree of chakra merging.
Warning: Attempts to acquire full fusion of the brains can trigger a death and dismemberment trauma experience.

‘Wholeness’ state
• Characteristics: The word ‘wholeness’ is used spontaneously by people who acquire this state. There is a feeling of being complete, with nothing missing. Music is especially vivid.
• Cause: A fusion of the placental and sperm tail awarenesses with the other triune brains.
• Comments: The sensation of wholeness exists independently of the state of fusion of the other brains.
Danger: This state is blocked by traumas that, when triggered, can cause some people to attempt suicide.

‘Optimum Relationship’ state
• Characteristics:
        • Best friends
        • Endlessly fascinating partner
        • Cuddle, touch, lots of physical contacts
        • Likes smell
        • Sexual attraction stays
        • Ease, no drama almost all the time. Fight maybe once or twice a year.
        • Feel young
        • Trust partner
        • Provides a feeling of security, strength, teamwork, energy (Platform to stand on)
        • Enhanced productivity (encouragement from partner)
        • Unconditional acceptance, likes you for who you are
        • Always feel connected even when apart, presence is there
        • Optimistic, happy, the present and the future is a great place to be
        • Don’t need alone time from the partner

• Comments: This is a state that people are searching for but almost never find. It is one of the most important states for human happiness that we’ve encountered. We don’t yet know if it is available for anyone or requires a certain partner. The name will likely change when we find a name with a better fit for the state.

‘I Exist’ state
• Characteristics: You feel like you exist – in contrast to normal consciousness where it is more like watching TV.
• Cause: This state is acquired during a developmental event in ovulation/spermatogenesis and is usually immediately lost due to parasite damage.
• Comments: This state dramatically and fundamentally changes one’s experience of oneself.

‘The Beauty Way’ (also called Walking in Beauty) synergistic state
• Characteristics:
        • Calm, peacefulness, and physical sense of lightness.
        • Past seems not traumatic – memories are without emotions.
        • Feel totally alive, and everything around you feels alive too.
        • Everything has a sort of beauty, even garbage.
        • Spiritual truths are obvious.
        • No dreaming other than replays of the day’s events.
        • No underlying sense of fear.
        • Live entirely in the present.
        • No tension – like on summer vacation as a kid.
        • Bird sounds are more vivid.
        • Don’t take on other people’s emotional distress.
        • Don’t obey ‘experts’ automatically by giving up your own knowing.
        • Can do many shamanic sorts of things with training.
        • Silent mind, i.e. no voices or background murmur.
• Cause: An unconscious decision to always choose unconditional good, which makes perceptions continuously positive.
• Comments: An important state for shamanism, and physical and mental health. A better descriptor for the state might be the word ‘Aliveness’ as used by Harville Hendrix, but we’re choosing the better-known label of the Beauty Way for now. The state is well described in Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

Find the complete list at the Institute for the Study of Peak States website.