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Core Issues

This is just how the world is.

What are Core Issues?

Core Issues are what form our perception of the world. It is a deep personal belief in how the world works. 

Usually, Core Issues are not a problem if you live, work, and talk with people who share the same Core Issues. However, since we live in an interconnected, digitalized world, it becomes more likely that you will meet with people who do not share your view and your Core Issues every day.

Core Issues do not cause a triggering moment. A core issue will not make you feel emotional. Therefore Core Issues are most likely not pushing you to change anything. However, just if life’s circumstances make you rethink your values and your view of life, then there might be an emotional activation. 

Due to that emotional activation, we shrink our perception of the world. So we make our world a little smaller so we will not feel that activation and do not have to face actual reality.

Let me give you an example:

If your Core Issue would be “I can only trust myself.” then you can live your life, you can have a job, and also be successful. There might even be great recognition from your peers and your bosses. But if you then get a promotion to become a manager, you need to trust other people. Since your inner belief is that you can only trust yourself, you will feel emotional uneasiness and try to avoid it. Therefore you will either delegate easy and not essential tasks to your directs, or your team will not perform. Alternatively, you might trust the work, but you will double-check everything. This micromanaging might make your directs upset, and your team will not function. Most probably, you will go to your boss and complain about the team because you can’t understand what is happening due to the Core Issue. 

Therefore we can call Core Issues building blocks of our perception.

Common Core Issues

“Men are unreliable.”

“Women are controlling.”

“Work is no fun.”

“I am bad / evil / unworthy.”

“I do not deserve to live.”

“I can only trust myself.”

“I need to be loved by everyone.”

…and many more


What to do with Core Issues?

Since Core Issues are usually a little tricky to spot and are not causing an immediate strong emotional activation, clients usually do not come directly to sessions to resolve Core Issues.

Most of the time we will find Core Issues when we are talking about a difficult situation. Then it is sometimes because apparent that the situation itself might not be that tricky but with the client’s perception, it actually is difficult.

After analyzing and finding the Core Issue, the Core Issue can be resolved. This is usually takes about 90min. We will need to revisit this issue in two follow up sessions.

Your Benefit

After successfully resolving the Core Issue, your perception of the world will have changed.

Previously common assumptions are not valid anymore. As a result, rethinking areas of your life will give you new perspectives.

Interestingly your peers, family, and colleagues might notice a change in you. This change can not be pinpointed to something specific most of the time. Subconsciously you might simply impress them since you have personally grown.