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Peak States of Consciousness

Man has a higher and transcendent nature, and this is part of his essence, i.e., his biological nature as a member of a species which has evolved.


Most people have had brief moments in their life where they suddenly felt exceptionally good. A temporary experience of wholeness, exceptional happiness, a feeling of being connected with everything, or perhaps a deep feeling of peace, such an experience is known as a Peak Experience.

Some people have such experiences as a continuous part of life – this is called a Peak State.

Peak States Coaching is for people, perhaps like you, who are seeking effective ways to improve your life permanently.

"There has to be something better than being miserable all the time."

"There must be something more."

"Why is life so hard?"

Do you know these kind of thoughts?
Do you feel life is boring, or you need to quit your 9 to 5?
Is there an underlying sense of in satisfaction in your life?

It is very much possible that you are sensing that you are missing certain Peak States. It might even be possible that you see them in others and (secretly) desire them.

Some people want to free themselves from the quiet or loud thoughts in their head and find inner peace. And others desire a heightened state of consciousness or to relive a sublime experience they have had.

With Peak States Coaching it is possible to acquire certain Peak States of Consciousness and learn to work towards a fundamental wellbeing.

If there is a suddenly deep painful feeling of depression after just feeling wonderful, then this can mean that there was a loss of a Peak State.

This is a very excruciating feeling because from that high feeling the fall into depression is even stronger.

With Peak States Coaching it is possible to regain lost Peak States and make them permanent.

Fear of heights, loss of a partner, being stressed out, feeling stuck, loosing livelihood, feeling small, not wanting to be in the spot light, and many more. There are lots of things that can be traumatic in life.

Some people simply want to be released from emotional pain, others want to improve or resolve strained relationships with parents, siblings, or partners. Anxiety and worries may be a problem for people, or they may hope to improve their emotional balance.

There are many ways to work through these issues. Peak States Coaching can help you to move to your and we can post-trauma life and move forward with a sense of empowerment.

Trauma coaching is a process in which the person vaguely remembers about the traumatic event and uses modern, state-of-the-art techniques to resolve the trauma and get past it. This happens without medication, drugs, or invasive procedures.

Life becomes easier for many clients and they are calmer and happier than they ever imagined.

Peak States Coaching follows basic principles which are binding for all Peak States coaches / therapists and which are also taught as a foundation in the training.

However, your session will always be tailored to your issue and your needs in the moment.

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Techniques & Packages

Techniques & Packages

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Core Issues

Core Issues

Core Issues are what form our perception of the world. It is a deep personal belief in how the world works.
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List of Peak States

List of Peak States

Learn about Peak States and see which ones you might have.
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