Dr. Daniel Zeiss

“My life’s work is to help you develop your limitless potential, experience life deeply, resolve any professional and personal challenge, and find beauty in your existence.”

Daniel started his career as a medical doctor with a specialisation in occupational medicine, medical informatics, and nutrition. He worked for 10 years in the international reinsurance and health-insurance business, managed global projects, worked and lived on two continents, and headed a department for health management.

After exploring many fields of conventional medicine and functional medicine, searching for treatments that really work for his clients, he got himself certified as a Peak States therapist 4 years ago. He now works as a medical doctor, personal development intuitive, health researcher, and speaker.

Daniel´s life has been and still is a long process of learning, trying out, experiencing, redoing, and creating something more advanced than before. He thrives on helping people resolving problems they may have been struggling with their whole life.

He enjoys being a bridge between the worlds of medicine, business, IT and the emotional world. He specializes in any company’s greatest asset – the workers.

Daniel enjoys to transform and create through a seemingly magical process and happily gives of himself and his time to others to help them in their life quests.  

Daniel assists in finding the optimal work mode and procedures both to ensure worker well-being and to increase productivity. 

Dr. Daniel Zeiss