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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

360° Problem Solutions

Explore How To Become A Problem-Solver

Our products upskill to see problems as challenges, dissolve old patterns of thinking, guide how to recognize the beauty in life, and master the art of solving problems efficiently.
For this, we use modern e-learning infrastructure, video meetings, and group communication. The path leads through a physical, psychological, and social enrichment of knowledge and experience. Our students use a large “toolbox” of techniques that allow them to recognize the beauty of life and to solve problems quickly and by yourself. Acquire your personal problem solving skills.

Three Steps Ahead

Develop Your Problem-Solving Skill

Dealing and overcoming unwelcoming or harmful situations is not only an art. Problem-solving is an essential soft skill.
There are just a few problems like earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, other weather obstacles, or diseases that are not related to people. Most problems are people problems.
Therefore problem-solving is not only a mind-based technique but involves an artist with a multitude of talents.
The traditional path to solving a problem is to recognize difficulties, identify possible causes, create solutions, implement them, and finally follow up to test if they were successful. This path does not address wide enough the people factor of problems.
A successful problem solver doesn´t need to be domain experts. They need to use their problem solving skills to understand how people think and act. Emotional intelligence, empathy, knowledge in cognition, and behavior distinguish the professional.
Stay ahead in the game of life and learn to see the beauty in life´s puzzles and problems and solve them efficiently.

what will our Program look like in 4 steps


Customized for you and your situation

Assessing your specific profile and creating a personal program plan.


Understanding emotions and their role in your problems

Differentiate between helpful and detrimental emotions.


Acquire relaxation skills to think without emotion

Study techniques that resolve emotions and stress and allow you to think clearly.


Apply the techniques, and Gain confidence

Practice the learned skill with guided mentoring and supervision by your peers and the trainer.

Meet Your Coach

Learn All About Daniel

Dr. Daniel Zeiss

Expert in Problem-Solving

Why Training With this Problem-Solver Program?

While the topic problem-solving is widely discussed already, and tips & tricks are shared on a “best practice” basis, something was missing.

My clients were already experiencing significant changes in the way they saw problems. Once they relieved themselves from very personal emotional issues, their problem-solving skills skyrocketed. Instant relief showed up once people are willing to open up and look for their particular solution. My clients got more empathy and emotional intelligence. Consequently, they can feel the “true root cause” of a problem situation and facilitate the solution-finding process creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Are you the next person to solve your problems and skyrocket your soft skill problem-solving career?

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Self-confidence is not doing everything right. It’s knowing your way.How do you find someone who knows what he/she wants?

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