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Being a successful problem-solver is hard. Being available with a clear mind and emotional intelligence for your superiors and your colleagues can be overwhelming. The Become-A-Problem-Solver course is designed to take you through the process step by step. 
We are here to make sure you have the course, training, and experience you need to start to become a Problem-Solver and enhance your Problem-Solver skill.  A successful problem-solver doesn´t need to expect a one fits all program.  As always it is all about finding the right mix in life. This is why we offer 3 programs to choose the one that is right for you. All programs will help you develop your problem-solver skills. There are difference in time you need to get there or how much work you are going to do on your own or what kind of guidance you wish to get. Please select the Problem-Solver course which suits you best and reserve your seats. We will contact you and let you know about when the next seat is available for you. 

During our courses, you will:

  • Use Emotional Balance Tools Acquire knowledge and practise of tools for emotional balance
  • Receive Detailed One-On-One Coaching To enable your own emotional intelligence, calmness, and clarity of thought
  • Practise your Problem-Solver Skills through group exercises, sharing knowledge, and receiving feedback

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our 3 Programs


Problem-Solver on Budget

This program will guide you to become a junior problem solver. You will acquire all the emotional capabilities, but you will need to make your own experiences using your new abilities.


our most booked program

Take your time. Become a Problem-Solver in 6 months and get all the practise you need.


First Class Guided Experience

You expect exceptional results, you want personal attendance. Then this program is right for you.

Becoming a Problem-Solver Course will provide a comprehensive plan which includes:

  • Deep dive survey
  • Silent Mind
  • Emotions influencing our life
  • Generational Inheritance of Emotions
  • Loving yourself
  • New daily routine
  • Discovering Your Superpower
  • Understanding a new model of Consciousness
  • Learning a Basic Protocol to solve emotional issues
  • Inner Peace
  • Enhanced Daily routine
  • Human to Human Interaction
  • Human Misunderstanding
  • Tools to resolve misunderstandings
  • Freeing yourself from much negativity
  • Adding to your daily routine
  • Identify your personal Challenges
  • Release personal Expectations to others
  • Start solving problems
  • Start to feel your true self
  • Enhance your daily routine
  • Start Resolving your Personal Issues
  • Optimise your Belief System
  • Activate Forgiveness
  • Work with Feedback
  • Solve your personal challenges
  • Find your blocks to Happiness
  • Optimal Decision Making
  • Practice, Practice

Why Become A Problem-Solver with us?

Problem-Solving is more than just clever thinking:

  • Dr. Daniel Zeiss
    Experienced medical doctor, specialist in the occupational world, global work experience, emotion and consciousness expert, multilingual – has identified, solved and experienced problems for more than 20 years.
  • We help Experts Change The World
    We help leaders and entrepreneurs become better problem-solvers. Problem solving skills are highly sought after by forward-thinking employers as many companies rely on their employees to identify and solve problems.
  • We have a culture of emotional intelligence
    We believe that emotional intelligence matters. But people matter most in our lives. Our approach therefore is to combine well-established tools with modern methods of resolving emotional blocks. Letting emotional intelligence emerge.

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