Peakstates FAQ

Those rare but precious moments when the world becomes a beautiful place to live are called ‘peak experiences’. When a peak experience is continuous, it is called a ‘peak state’ of consciousness. Peakstates of Consciousness are intrinsically positive. In a Peakstate you are operating in ways that you are designed to be like. And this is supposed to be a reality all the time. You become more functional. That is how you can tell that it is a Peakstate because you become more functional. And along with that, you feel better inside. It also adds to your life a feeling or experience. It doesn’t take away a problem. An example of a Peakstate is “Underlying Happiness”. In this state, you live with underlying happiness in every moment.  

Those rare but precious moments when the world becomes a wonderful place to live are called ‘peak experiences’.

A peak experience is, therefore, a temporary situation where our consciousness is experiencing a more functional way of being.

If this is too abstract, think of a day in your life where everything just went smoothly. Where you woke up in a good mood. Breakfast was easy, work just went well and you came home happy. This is called a peak experience. If this would persist it would be a peak state. The description here matches the “flow”-state, where everything is just working out and life feels in flow to you. Another example here is from the comic world of Walt Disney Donald Duck, who is always unlucky in life. The opposite is Gladstone Gander, who is very arrogant but is very lucky in life. This happiness can be seen as a special peak state of Gladstone Gander, everything in his life just happens right.