Clarity to do what is right - Coaching

Doris, 78, reports:


Two extremely painful years…..are now in the past, thanks to the psychological-therapeutic accompaniment care by Mr. Dr. Daniel Zeiss. 

But one after the other: 

In May/June 2020, during the unseasonable pandemic period, I contracted an injury from intensive gardening, which resulted in severe pain in my right leg. Despite the many orthopedic and neurological examinations ( several MRI, CT) emergency room visits in a university clinic, where I was diagnosed as a wheelchair and nursing case, the actual cause of the indescribable severe pain was not identified for more than 12 months. Painkillers and tranquilizers were the therapy. Nevertheless: I was incapable of taking even one step! In addition, I "stumbled" into depressive moods due to mental tensions, which had been building up again and again for years due to my son.  He literally slew me with suggestions and was encroaching on his advice. I could not defend myself!  A three-week stay in the local hospital became necessary. I was very unhappy, desperate!

Even now I was accompanied by caring phone calls from Daniel. 

He spoke to my cell phone one of the relaxation methods I had already learned so that I could let myself fall into a calm, peaceful mental-visual atmosphere at any time while listening to him. In the course of the past year, through the accompanying method practiced by Daniel, I was made acquainted with the "aberrations of my soul"! Many things were explained to me in a very simple way, other old connections were uncovered and I could slowly recognize where my parts lie, that these intense pains have also been caused and intensified by myself. And… I learned to "calmly" distance myself from my son. And….  No !!….. I didn't need to delve into ancient traumas to realize how the leg pain had come about, keeping me immobile, rigid, and trapped in pain mode.   

States of agitation, which had been my companions for months, I was able to reduce more and more often on my own, thanks again to the technique shown and explained by Daniel. Sedatives are no longer necessary!!! And….. I can walk again…. short distances without a rollator, without walking aids! 

I thank Dr. Zeiss for his empathy, his skill, his patience, and his quiet kindness; for this time of companionship, which for me is one of the most important learning moments in my life. 

                                                                 Thank you