Your Peak States Therapy session will be tailored to your issue and your needs in the moment. Learn how this is done and what to expect.

A therapy session using Peak States Therapy follows a specific schedule and usually lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. The duration depends on several factors, including how complex the issue is that needs to be addressed.

What to expect in a Peak States Therapy Session Video

In Peak States Therapy, we consider any sensation or emotion that does not feel calm, peaceful and emotionally light, as a trauma.

You may have had an introductory pre-meeting where you can meet your therapist, discuss your issue and ask any questions, or this may happen during your first session.

Before the actual therapy session begins, your therapist will ask you to fill out some forms. This is to ensure you meet the legal and medical requirements for the therapeutic treatment and also to take some information about your issue.

In order to have a before and after comparison of how effective the healing has been, your therapist will ask you to rate your issue according to the scientifically recognized SUDS system (Subjective units of distress scale). In this rating, you estimate the impact of your issue between 0 (= no impact) and 10 (= maximum impact).

Your therapist will teach you a few techniques to use during the session. These are simple to learn and will help you to resolve your issue.

If at any time you aren’t sure how to proceed, just ask your therapist for guidance.

It’s important to state here that Peak States Therapy is not a talk therapy. You will not spend the session discussing all the details of your problem. We simply identify the issue and start working to clear it straight away.

There is a widespread belief that trauma usually follows a significant and painful event, and that therapy is very difficult and lengthy. Using the Peak States Therapy, this is typically not the case.

We usually find that within 3 sessions many problems are resolved.

The session

The goal of the Peak States Therapy session is that your issue is simply no longer a problem. After the process is complete you will feel calm, peaceful and emotionally light when you think back to your problem. The therapy may be so effective that you can’t really remember what your problem was, or that it bothered you so much!

During the session, your therapist will show you how to dissolve your troubled feelings with a simple tapping technique. Because you decide yourself how strong, how fast and on which side you apply the tapping, you are always in control.

Everything about emotions or physical sensations is allowed. Not feeling anything is also possible, so, you can’t do anything wrong. Your therapist is there to guide you step by step and support you in resolving your problem.

In the course of the session, images, thoughts and unprocessed feelings may come up. You may feel strong physical and emotional sensations. All this is completely normal.

Sometimes it may seem inexplicable in the session that feelings are coming up right now, even though you are sitting quite calmly on the sofa. This is normal, and even desired to help resolve your issue.

You may be reassured by the thought that you are safe in the here and now. You now have the opportunity to open to what has happened and to work through it. Using the techniques, we show you, you can easily complete the emotional processing and then be completely free of the problem that used to bother you.

Your session will be complete when you feel calm, peaceful and emotionally light. You may also gain new insights into what happened as you integrate the healing.

Why does one actually do Peak States therapy?

Various reasons lead people to us:

Some people simply want to be released from emotional pain, others want to improve or resolve strained relationships with parents, siblings, or partners. Anxiety and worries may be a problem for people, or they may hope to improve their emotional balance.

Some people want to free themselves from the quiet or loud thoughts in their head and find inner peace. And others desire a heightened state of consciousness or to relive a sublime experience they have had.

Peak States Therapy and its cutting-edge techniques may help with all of this.

Life becomes easier for many clients and they are calmer and happier than they ever imagined.

Peak States Therapy follows basic principles which are binding for all Peak States therapists and which are also taught as a foundation in the training.

However, your session will always be tailored to your issue and your needs in the moment.