Hearing problems caused by stress

A woman in her 40s reports to me with dizziness symptoms that have occurred today, and the feeling that the hearing in her left ear has gone. The woman reports that in the last few days she has increased emotional tension.  She says that she has significant problems in her relationship, with the children, in her professional life, and that she is unsure about the future. She is very concerned that the loss of the hearing in the left ear could become permanent. During the conversation with the woman, it turns out that she does not connect the hearing problem with her emotional experience. Then, the session begins. First, we discuss who is actually worried in her body. It turns out that her head is very, very worried, and afraid that the change in the hearing could be permanent. The conversation is very difficult since one reaches once more the conclusion that this is an organic problem since it seems to localize in the ear region. In the continued conversation, it turns out that there is an internal personal conflict. The area around the placenta consciousness is panicking, and the head is trying to suppress the panic. With the Peak State methods, we release the panic feeling of the placenta consciousness.  As a result, the hearing improves. However, there are still restrictions. A further conversation shows that body awareness is also frightened about the future and everything that might happen in the next few days. Here, we use the Peak State methods once more to release this fear. Again, her situation is improving. The further questioning shows that the heart consciousness is very, very sad about the current situation, that she does not have a proper connection with her husband, and that she somehow has no connection in her life. This feeling of sadness is also released with the help of the Peak State methods, and the hearing returns to normal. The woman is very grateful, is happy that she can hear again. We discuss to consider on a rational level that this session could be proof that emotional problems can also lead to possible symptoms and that she could plan to take further steps to improve her overall situation, the stress in her overall situation, by taking care of her fears, worries, and problems with additional Peak State sessions.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this case report is provided for illustrative purposes only.  The information in the case report is both factual and fictional.  An individual’s experience may vary based on his or her individual circumstances. There can be no assurance that sessions will be able to achieve similar results in comparable situations. No portion of this report is to be interpreted as a testimonial or endorsement of the services offered, and it is not known whether the hypothetical clients referenced approve of the services. Opinions formulated by the author are intended to stimulate discussion.